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Monthly Archives: November 2015

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Why a Yarralinda School education?

Children are all unique and yet are all required to learn a State mandated curriculum that often leaves a lot to be desired if not taught well.

Picture1How do you teach well? How do we teach well?

We believe that a child should be guided to know the purpose of all subjects as they relate to life in general and as they relate to his own personal interests. We also immerse the student in the subject in such a way that the child’s natural thirst for knowledge is engaged; he can then analytically pour on the coals to his own learning journey.

Our students have goals that can be as simple as writing beautifully written words for themselves and others to read and admire, or as far reaching as becoming an engineer and applying their early studies to that future goal.


As educators we design our presentation of the curriculum around these ideas. We include in house and external activities with the aim to engage the student’s interest, make the topic real and encourage further interest. Learning is enjoyable and interesting, it leads to application and accomplishment.


A Yarralinda School student graduates with the confidence that he knows what he knows and is ready for the next learning journey of high school.
Christel Duffy
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The Power of Words


What happens when you use words that others can’t understand?

What happens when you teach a very interesting subject but find your students just aren’t ‘with you’?

You get a disconnection – a disengagement, a student who is no longer willing to learn.

Words have the power to do this.

Over the centuries language has developed, changed and adapted to new circumstances, new technologies. Language is rich with history and inspires futures. Writers combine words to make our world seem brilliant or flawed. Advertisers use words to interest and arrest our attention. Words create images and concepts that allow us to understand each other.

At Yarralinda School we recognise this as a key factor in teaching a subject.

Using the Applied Scholastics Methods, our teachers are in the unique position to know why a student is no longer interested. We know how to get their understanding and that it is vital to do so. We see that a student who can not apply what he is learning needs to have directed help that is specialized in finding the words or symbols that he doesn’t know.

Christel Duffy

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