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STUDY TECHNOLOGY – What are The Barriers to Study?


L. Ron Hubbard developed Study Technology which teaches a person HOW to learn. Kids are not taught how to learn in school.

They are expected to learn their basics and their subjects but are never taught what learning is, what barriers they might run into and how to overcome such barriers. It is crucial they have an understanding about these barriers in their primary years, as not knowing will have future ramifications.

But first what are the primary symptoms or outcomes of not knowing the barriers to study?

• Studying the theory but not being able to apply what was learnt.
• Unruliness and discipline problems at school and at home.
• Giving up and stop learning altogether.
• A student losing interest in a subject or studies.
• A lack of understanding of what is being taught.
• Feeling blank and stupid and frustrated.
• Forgetting what one learns. Panicking when it comes to exam time.
• Not wanting to go to school or continue with higher education or dropping out of university.

Study Technology directly addresses these symptoms. It is not a study aid, memorization technique or speed reading. Study Technology provides, for the first time, the tools for a student to be able to study and fully understand any subject. It is not rote learning, but actual understanding, accompanied by application of the material studied.

Study Technology identifies the three primary barriers to learning, helping students to overcome study difficulties. It even establishes aptitude by enabling the student to become an independent and eager learner, who loves to study and thereby learns how to do new things.

Study Technology is not complicated or hard to learn. For a full and complete understanding of the barriers to study there is a professional course available for teachers and educators called “The Student Hat”.

It takes approximately 3 weeks of full time study to complete. It would be comparable to a 4 year university course in it’s depth and breadth of instruction and outcome.

This course is not necessary for one to get a quick grasp on the three primary barriers to learning and start to do something about it now. That is why it has been released in a booklet outlining what the three primary barriers to learning are, so one can make use of this simple but powerful information.

Our teachers undergo instruction in Study Technology and use it in the classroom with the students and apply it to teaching the curriculum.

Hundreds of thousands of people in schools and communities around the world are using this brand new approach to learning.

This method is applauded because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

For further information about “What are The Barriers to Study?” please check this link.

You can even download your own copy of the BARRIERS TO STUDY free education booklet here in PDF format and start to help your kids today or use it yourself.


Study TECHNOLOGY (Tech.)

study: the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of books.

technology: 1 : the science of the application of knowledge to practical purposes; e.g. applied science. 2 : a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose.


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