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Our Teaching Philosophy


Yarralinda School offers a unique way for your child to receive a primary school education.

Our school is a member of the international Applied Scholastics™ network of schools. In an ApS school, there are two important questions that children need answered if they are to become successful and happy students.

Firstly, “Why do I need to learn this?”

And secondly, “How do I learn this?”

It’s very important that children have a reason for learning. It has to be a reason or purpose that is valid for them. Generally, adults and children have different goals for learning with some children having no particular purpose or goal at all!

At Yarralinda School we work with the children to establish a purpose or goal for their learning that is valid and real for them.

Learning then, becomes rewarding and fun as they have a compelling reason for doing it.

It can happen that even with a strong purpose, passion for learning becomes lost. It can all become too difficult and complicated. You know your child is bright and has the capacity to learn, yet they seem unable to overcome the barriers to understanding their studies. Consequently they lose interest. They either blame themselves, “I’m dumb!” or they blame the subject, “Maths is dumb!”

A good education must therefore also include teaching children how to study. Just asking them to study is not enough. The ability to study is a learned skill just like any other, whether riding a bicycle, cooking a meal or painting a picture.

At Yarralinda School we teach children how to study. They learn how to effectively, consistently and independently decode and engage with their learning. Initially the teacher is their guide. Through instruction and repetition, responsibility for learning is gently and smoothly given to the students as they progress through primary school. By the end of grade six, students should be able to confidently move into secondary school as independent learners.

At Yarralinda School we also believe that for learning to be effective it must be presented in its most interesting form. We regularly visit museums, art galleries, the theatre, science expos, farms and even factories so that the children can see, hear, touch and experience their learning – for real!

As educators we feel honoured to work with your son or daughter in opening the world of knowledge to them.

Our goal at Yarralinda School is to produce a competent, happy, engaged young person that can confidently move into secondary school ready to embrace the next stage of their learning journey.






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